Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit – Matthew 28:19 (NIV)

What is it?


Agape Discipleship School (ADS) is a one-month residential programme that will enrich your life and walk with God. Every year, about 25 participants are selected to be a part of this exclusive course. Are you looking for a fresh perspective on life? Or, do you simply want a new start? Here’s your opportunity to get rejuvenated in the Word, worship and prayer.

Who can attend?


You may apply if you are a born again believer, aged 18 years and above with fluency in English.

Why ADS?


There are many things that make ADS unique. Here are some of them:




You’ll leave this programme armed with clear and precise teaching from the Word of God. Sessions on the importance of the Word and how to meditate on it as well as its everyday practical application will equip you for daily life. Teachings include the father heart of God and the love of God; a believer’s identity and position as a child of God; how to stand in your authority and submit to God-ordained authority.



We don’t just leave you with head knowledge, but desire that you walk in freedom and abundant life. Two key features in this aspect are the one-on-one and group sessions on deliverance and inner healing.

We’ve seen hundreds confronted with the truth of God’s Word and guided by God to walk in forgiveness and grace.



The atmosphere of these 30 days is built around the presence of God. Regular worship times, teaching sessions, group activities, opportunities to talk with leaders and more, will ensure that you carry the presence of God wherever you go.



Strengthened by all of this, you’ll be surprised at how many ex-ADSites have responded to the call of God on their lives and moved on to taking responsibilities in the local church and other places where they are placed.
It might well be you next!
This one month can change your life forever.

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