What is SOM?

Preparing to Serve

TROTB’s School of Ministry (SOM) is a 3 month program for those who want to be equipped in their God given calling. It will change your view of leadership, and energise and equip you to handle the many challenges of ministry. Many leaders start well, but along the way they give up, unable to handle the pressures of ministry. This school will empower you to carry the vision of God to fulfilment.

Why SOM?

There are numerous reasons why this program  would be an invaluable addition to equipping you for ministry. This program is designed to help students

  • Discover wholeness in Christ,
  • Dive deep into key theological and practical ministry topics.
  • Develop leadership traits
  • Understand Spiritual Gifts and more

Topics Covered

The focus is on building the individual and developing strength of character and the capacity to weather storms. The speakers include national and international leaders who have pioneered churches and established a lasting work for the Lord. The different aspects of ministry that are taught include:

  • Birthing of a God given vision and how to strategically plan to make your dream a working reality.
  • Self-leadership, prayer life of a minister and power of prayer in ministry.
  • Gathering a team and team building.
  • Ethics in ministry, administration and financial accountability.
  • Studying and interpreting the Word of God, preparing to preach and teach.
  • Church planting, church growth and pastoral care.
  • Cross cultural missions.
  • Different types of ministry – children’s ministry, youth ministry, mercy ministry.

Practical Application

The school is divided into 3 phases. Phase 1 includes lecture sessions, phase 2 is a practical missions training and outreach programme. Phase 3 is a reflection of phase 2 activities and also contains specialised areas of ministry. The ambience of the school also offers multiple opportunities to interact with people who have broken ground and advanced in the Kingdom.

Come and be a part of this school and accelerate your steps into your God given destiny.