TROTB Ministries strategically concentrates its efforts to three main focus areas - Networking, Training and Transformation.


Networking is a pivotal part of TROTB Ministries. We network by collaborating, interceding and facilitating. We join forces with other like-minded churches and ministries to stand together as one bride of Christ. Networking is primarily done among leaders, pastors and ministers. It is also done by intercession. We intercede and break ground into new nations and regions through prayer. As result of networking, we facilitate events like conferences and workshops to advance the Church in one Spirit.

Leadership Networking

Leadership networking involves connecting and collaborating with regional and national leaders by participating in workshops and prayer. We also facilitate the unified efforts of churches and ministries, coming together for common regional causes.


Intercession is a key tool that we use to network. The intercession team’s primary objective is to break ground through prayer. We conduct workshops and seminars to train and equip the Body of Christ in intercession, to help propagate the power of prayer.


Training involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness. At TROTB Ministries, training is facilitated by the different schools we run, by sending itinerant teaching staff to multiple locations around the globe and by hosting conferences indigenously or by partnering with other churches and ministries.


The itinerant teaching staff of TROTB Ministries go into multiple locations around the world with the living Word of God. They reach, teach and transform communities and people-groups by the Truth of God’s Word.


TROTB Schools are scheduled at multiple locations around the globe to systematically train and equip large cohorts of believers. The different schools we run propel believers into a lifestyle of discipleship; encouraging them to realise
the call of God upon their lives and helping fulfil what they were born to do.


Conferences are run by TROTB Ministries as short term training establishments to encourage, equip and empower believers in nations around the World. They are either hosted indigenously under our own banner or by partnering with other like-minded churches and organisations. Some of the conferences we run are the History Maker’s Conferences (HMC), the Glory To The Nations Conferences and the Five-fold Ministry Conferences (FFMC).


Transformation is an important arm of TROTB Ministries. We want to bring about social transformation from the individual to society at large. This is done by running community adoption programs, skills training and rehabilitation, social and spiritual outreach and by fighting causes. We have multiple brands under which we co-ordinate social transformation.


House of Hope focuses on the poor and destitute of our society by bringing them medical, educational and material help, and also empowering them to become contributors in their communities. We give them some skills training and make them stand on their feet.




VIVO, a charity initiative founded by a group of young corporates and other professionals, works to reach out to the different strata of the society, rich and poor, young and old, meeting them at their point of need.