School of Ministry (SOM) 2016




  1. Online Application Form: Please do fill in the application form duly, following the given instructions (separate instructions within form below). The last date to send in the application is by, January 30th, 2016. Please note that preference will be given to the applications that come in first, as the number of applicants is limited to 25.
  2. Please ensure that you make your travel arrangements earlier, so as to avail booking.
  3. The students will be send out to TROTB’s mission bases or to other ministries/churches under the IMPACT network. Kindly note that during the mission internship (Outreach), all the expenses will be borne by the applicant/student.
  4. It’s mandatory for the students to attend all the 3 phases.
  5. Finally, please wait for the acceptance letter from us to confirm your seat in this school. So, send us your application as soon as possible for the seats are limited!!
  6. For any other inquiries call +91 884-2352535 / +91 9603689773 / +91 9995028355 or email