SOB Latvia 2020 Application Instructions

If you want to view the instructions in Latvian, please click here.


We are glad to hear that you are interested in our School of Breakthrough that will be conducted in Riga, Latvia from September 15th – 26th, 2020. This School will be mainly focusing on discipling and training believers from Latvia and other European nations.

In view of your interest, here are the links to the documents for processing your admission to the School.


Following are the forms that need to be filled:

Please do fill in the application form duly, wherever applicable. The last date to send in the application is by August 31st 2020. Please note that preference will be given to the applications that come in first, as the number of applicants is limited to 30. Applications received after the last date will be put in the waiting list.

Share the letter of reference link with your Pastor/Spiritual leader. Kindly ensure this form is filled duly and sent by your Pastor/Spiritual leader by August 31st 2020.

  1. A School Fee of 250 Euros is applicable to all students who are selected for the school. This fee will be collected from the student at the time of arrival for school. This will cover the course fee, lodging and food expenses. This amount does not include the student’s traveling cost to and from the school.
  2. This will be a residential school and it will be mandatory for all the applicants who are selected for this course to stay in the campus and attend all sessions of the course.
  3. Please ensure that you make your travel arrangements earlier, so as to avail booking.
  4. As part of the application process, there will be an interview with the applicant from TROTB which will be informed earlier and done accordingly.
  5. Finally, please wait for the acceptance letter from us to confirm your seat in this school. So, send us your application as soon as possible for the seats are limited! For any other enquiries call:

Sniedze Vise: +371 27018272

Or write to

We once again thank and appreciate your interest in the School Of Breakthrough (SOB). God bless you.