Glory To The Nations

God is looking out for people who can take His glory to the nations. You might be thinking that you are not the person for this task but God can transform any person. Listen to this sermon to find out how.

(Video DVD)


Power of Vision

The Word says that without vision, people perish. Learn in this sermon about the power of a vision and the importance of discipline in your life to fulfill your God-given vision.

(Video DVD & Audio CD)

Volumes: 6

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit is an important member of the Trinity. Hear this series on the power of intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Topics: Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Functions & Symbols of the Holy Spirit, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Benefits of Speaking in Tongues, Presence of the Holy Spirit, Person of the Holy Spirit.

(MP3 CD)

Volumes: 1

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