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Grab Your Moment! – Dr Boby Sarah Jacob

This year’s theme has been open doors and The Lord has been faithful to open doors. As Leonard Ravenhill said “an opportunity of a lifetime must be seized within the lifetime of the opportunity.”

This is our time and moment!

The Bible talks of people who had doors open before them and they either seized the moment or let things slip. We can look at one person today who grabbed his moment.



Joseph had been through a very difficult time and just when it looked like all hope was lost, one day in his prison cell he gets a visitor. He was shocked probably because it was a special messenger from none other than Pharaoh himself. The messenger informed him that the king wanted to see him and the matter was urgent. The Bible clearly says that Joseph got dressed, shaved cleaned himself up and made himself presentable to the King. His mind was probably racing as he was probably wondering what all this was about – whether he would be accused again for something he had not done or whether he was being summoned for the next bad news.
On appearing before the King and finding the reason he probably heaved a sigh of relief. Joseph heard the King’s dreams and immediately gave him the interpretation. The King had only asked for an interpretation but Joseph did more than that. He gave the King a strategy for the years of famine. That was what promoted him. He suggested to the King that a person be appointed and he gave the job profile and the strategy which needed to be executed. That was why he was made Governor over all of Egypt. His primary gift was interpreting dreams but over the years in Potiphers house and in the prison he learned to manage provisions and to take care of other staff. He supervised the meals of the prisoners and learnt some valuable lessons there. He probably wondered what he was doing there all those years and why he had to go through all this. Just by interpreting the dream, he probably would have been added to the magicians council in the palace. His skill in solving the problem was what catapulted him from being a prisoner one day, to authority as Governor of the worlds largest empire, the next.

His secret – he did more than what was expected of him, more than what was required, more than what he needed to do.

What problems do you see around you? What dream or interpretation is The Lord giving you? What’s your solution?