Community Projects

As part of the call for being a change agent, we encourage our associates and partners to be involved in some form of transformation work in the communities around them. As a result, our associates in different global regions are involved with leadership development and networking, youth outreach programs, food support programs and other forms of social development initiatives. Two of such programs which have taken on a larger initiative are :

House of Hope

House of Hope concentrates on helping the poor and destitute of our society. The team works to provide medical, educational and food support. Every month the team identifies families who need support and essential supplies of food and medicine are home delivered. We provide skill development training to help families stand on their own feet. A stitching unit has been set up providing hands on training to widows and children from underprivileged families. We empower them to become active contributors in their community. A community center is currently being built to further the vision.

Touch of Love

Touch of love is a VIVO-venture birthed out of a need for compassion towards the destitute of our society. We have been serving wholesome, home-cooked meals to the hungry with honour and love since 2015. This gives us the opportunity to spend time with them and instil a sense of belonging within their hearts. Our vision is to strengthen the weak and uplift the helpless.